Word Press with One Coventry

Simple, Efficient & Portable

WordPress is an open-source solution to manage content for any type of website. We like WordPress for our clients as they get to own their website instead of renting compared to white-label turnkey services like shopify or Squarespace. We have clients that use all platforms listed here of course. In our experience, there has never been a request that is not been fulfilled. Creating a one-page or few-page site with your own domain starts at $300. Of course, we provide additional services to help grow such as organic & paid marketing. Also, we provide simple and cloud hosting of all shapes and sizes that scale.

We work with

Artists, lawyers, professors, podcasters, developers, lifestyle companies, politicians, entertainment, music, engineering & a variety of public or private entities.

Why they choose

Our clients choose for our unique use of technology coupled with our fresh artistic approach to working with you. Of course, our clients like us also because we make their audio sound much cleaner.

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