Our assistance provides anything from 0° to 360° of your needs in improving content or experience for your audience. We have a staff of technology nerds, business minds & artists that are able to quickly deliver and deploy what you need. Our fresh set of eyes is of value to our clientele as we help them pinpoint opportunities in revenue & client satisfaction. Adding a creative touch to every project as a team is what we thrive on delivering to opportunities.

Album covers, A&R, videos, photography, avatar art, logo designs, websites & anything you need in any shape or size.

Publish to all platforms podcasts, music, podcast, film, merchandise distribution, placements, columns, literary work, e-commerce, high traffic events & video.

Contracts, partnerships, Copyright ©, Trademarks™, strategy sessions, business development, direct outreach, PPC marketing, organic marketing, investor relations, SEO, full label services & management services for entities.