Management & Label Services

Chosen well first we pick exactly your aesthetic through a conversation, exchange, or create new content to speak a greater message to your following.

From your planning to delivery and all technology in between we can ideate or improve what you are currently working towards. Our greatest strength is our ability to connect quality art with solid proven technology that will serve you as you start or need to grow past your current repertoire.

Contracts & Partnerships

Providing creation of documents for parties, notary, and marquis connections to partners. We provide a template that makes sense for today’s changing technology to capture your needs in growth.

Copyright ©

Providing official copyright services for clients that are aiming to mark their brand.


Providing registering of trademarks.

Strategy & Business Development

We are able to help you with a short meeting or help you build out your sales operation to perform at the highest level through direct contact with your opportunity. To enable we provide management of any CRM that is open source or paid.

Direct Outreach & PPC Marketing

Taking your organic growth and coupling it with your paid ads will garner you a growth pattern that is more predictable. We work with all major ad platforms from print to, banner ads & google we cover it in any industry.

Organic marketing & SEO

Your message and keywording make a large difference in how people will find you in the short and long run. We provide deep evaluations of SEO, keywording suggestions, content creation, listings, qualitative and quantitative analysis to capture your benchmark.

Investor relations

From pitch to terms we provide services for select clients that we find need a round of finding. From angel to any round of funding we provide direct and third-party services to tailor your growth.

Full Label & Management Services for Entities

Direct management and full 360 coverage for managing your plan to success. For artists, corporate thugs, corporate squares, and anything in between. We are able to guide you through in-person and remote support for your plans, connecting you with new networks for growth.