One Coventry


We are driven by authenticity

Authenticity is the touchstone to our network interaction. When we grow, together we will thrive, as pillars of a new movement in society. Creating a deep impact on your growth here and other avenues.

One Coventry provides solutions for anyone with a pre-stage and already established project, that will provide a fresh perspective on how to increase your offering and revenue streams.   We provide technology, design, and management consulting services to help simplify your world so you can focus on creating your company.  Our clients’ list ranges in all sectors from government to artists. 

In a world where content creators and fans can integrate seamlessly we connect the stars. If you have the talent we know where and whom to place you with to maximize your growth.

Our Story

We find the underdogs and connect them with great talent

We are accepting to all who treat each other equally. Our mission is to produce authentic content that resonates universally.

The founder started this company from his passion for sharing his passion and enthusiasm for technology, arts & helping people directly.

Sonic Soez on  music

Sonic Soez is a solo electronic artist whom draws on chthonic forces to create. Created on a laptop usually in a dark room. Sonic is for sound and Soez simply means profane. ..The Sound of the Profane..

The Big Mic Show 

A fusion of sharp political analysis mixed with the best from every genre of music. Taking you back with the classics and rocking with the hottest new music from DJ DougieBoy. Interviews with artists and politicians will keep you educated and entertained.