Chosen well first we pick exactly your aesthetic through a conversation, exchange, or create new content to speak a greater message to your following.

From your planning to delivery and all technology in between we can ideate or improve what you are currently working towards. Our greatest strength is our ability to connect quality art with solid proven technology that will serve you as you start or need to grow past your current repertoire.

Podcasting & Music

Publishing your music to all platforms in each arena is important also coupled with analytics so you can distill information about your audience. Taking quality into consideration from file to production and capturing the essence of pure quality, the delivery is authentic.


Providing production and editing services for anything for thirty-second reels, to the full-featured movie, series, and any format that is abstract. Producing in any resolution.

Merchandise distribution

Providing distribution of physical goods in any area.

Placements & Columns

Finding the right columns for your audience to discover you, apply connections through partnerships and placements of content. We secure self-generated and partner content options to connect. Stringing a story through audio and video is our specialty, from guerilla-placed content to corporate.

Literary Work

Providing full 360 management of digital and physical publishing needs through the creation of content, ghostwriting, layouts, editing, and publishing in any genre. From one page pdfs for a company to a book bound in leather. Yes, we do.


We work with any type of technology from bare-bones code, WordPress, Shopify & any turnkey platform that manages content. Providing ideation to redesign for a boutique or company that is looking to improve their management. Our clients are guided towards open source options.

High traffic events & Video

Scalable solutions that are able to capture, while delivering the speed you need for today’s market. Providing geographically distributed scalable solutions in any arena. From cloud to any hosted solution our team handles it.